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7QTF: A Day Late...

So, for anyone new to this sort of thing (like me), '7 Quick Takes Friday' is a sharing situation generously started by Jennifer Fulwiler ("an atheist all my life until 2005.... now I write about what it's like to be part of an orthodox faith after a life of nonbelief."), who blogs at 'Conversion Diary' and who also writes a column for the National Catholic Register.

Anyone participating in this blogging exercise submits a link of their post to Jen's site (so the traffic at Jen's blog might rub off on your own), and link back to Jen's post from here (where, besides Jen's great blog, you'll find a delightful list of other blogs to choose from for your reading pleasure).

So here I go:

7 Reasons Why I didn't write this Friday...


I was taking a picture of my daughter with this beautiful bird - a Harris Hawk - which, I learned yesterday, actually belongs to the reptile family - feathers are modified scales!

We watched this majestic bird swoop down and help herself to a mouse graciously offered by her handler, Kevin, as part of a wonderful presentation by a traveling unit of Ray's Reptiles.

We got to see - very 'up close and personal' - a crocodile who curiously sniffed at our feet, a huge snapping turtle (that grinned toothlessly at us before peeing on the floor and then literally RUNNING away in embarrassment), a 'baby' albino constrictor from South America (which was already 20 ft. long and almost as thick as my leg - contrary to the movies, constrictors will not harm humans because we don't smell like food to them!), and a lizard that hugged the handler with a tail that rivalled the agility of a monkey's tail.

They were wonderfully and fearfully made, and we were mesmerized.


I was counting the number of darts it took (six) to break one balloon in order to afford the Divine Miss O her pick of stuffies. Picking ducks out of a paddling pool has been her game of choice the last several years (every duck wins). This year, it seems, a greater challenge was required.

She had not yet had the experience of throwing darts. As she awkwardly clutched the a dart in her still little hand, brow furrowed in concentration, she bit her lip a little and she threw it as if she just wanted to get rid of it. It was sharp... pointy... and she wasn't supposed to play with sharp, pointy things. With each successive dart, her grip relaxed and became more effective. She seemed to grow taller as she found her aim....

'Grace', a very pink bear, was carried lovingly home and is happily ensconced as part of the family: "Mom, Grace is such a special bear that I fell asleep just like this (closes her eyes and snap her fingers)!" It couldn't possibly have had anything to do with being one in the morning... about four hours past her bedtime....

I treasure the moments when I can actually see her grow.


I was celebrating the Divine Miss O's first five minutes of fame!

Freddy Fusion invited her onto the stage of his science magic show. It wasn't Freddy's best day... his sound kept cutting out, his duck (Bill!) escaped and needed to be rescued by him personally because it seems his crew was on coffee break... but he was a pro, and so was my girl.

Much to my surprise, nothing distracted her from her task. She stepped way out of what I knew to be her comfort zone to be part of something that made her eyes sparkle. And, did her eyes sparkle when she returned to us to see herself on her Dad's phone LEVITATING for all of her world to see! I've seen this trick a dozen times or so, but it never felt so quite so magical.

My daughter wasn't the only one levitating a bit.


I was agog at four foals close enough to touch, and Mamas that were happy to let us do so! We fed them oats out of ice cream cones, delighted in their soft noses as they nuzzled for more, and fuzzy coats... I'm not at all sure who was petting who.

The Divine Miss O and I pet every one... after all it was a petting zoo.


I was eating caramel apples... or rather, aniticipating the eating of three carmel apples I purchased, to be featured as the main attraction at breakfast for the next three days. Yep, you read that right... I'm going to eat a carmel apple for breakfast every morning for the next three days. I'll eat it with a bowl of unsweetened steel cut oats and a glass of milk. Apples are fruit, and therefore nutritious, right?

Fruit is an appropriate part of a balanced breakfast. ;)


I was riding the ferris wheel (in Kidsville - smaller version) with the Divine Miss O... just the two of us. It's a yearly event. The first time we did this I was terrified (rides made me terribly ill), but she wanted to go so badly, and my legs fit better than her Dad's.

As we neared the top during the loading phase of the ride, the bucket started to ROCK, and my anxiety began to rise, when I suddenly had a soft, little hand in mine squeezing. I assumed the owner of said hand was getting nervous, but before I could say anything to reassure her, she happily comments, "It's okay if you're scared, Mommy. I'll take care of you."

Well, I've overcome my anxieties about the height factor (at least in Kidsville) and, incidentally, my motion sickness. I now look forward to the ride and, every year as we near the top, loading and unloading, we two share secrets we didn't know we had.

We're creating a history... one ride at a time.


I was riding the carousel... seven times... The Divine Miss O's favourite ride. Maybe it's the horses... or perhaps the music. Or perhaps it's because we can all ride together... she on a horse, and her Dad and I cuddled in a carriage. She watches us, grinning for ear to ear. We watch her grinning likewise.

We went to the Ex! ...our local version of a summer carnival and exposition of talent, services, products, and entertainment. It's been the Divine Miss O's most anticipated family outing since she was three!

The result? One very HAPPY family!

Don't forget to go visit Jen!

...until the next dance!

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